Welcome to the Dr. Don Klein web site.  To eliminate any confusion with another individual by the same name: I am the individual who presents lectures on cruise ships in the Amazon, Latin America and the Mediterranean; who is a professional writer/photographer; spent a year as a Captain in the USAF in Viet Nam; drove from London to Cape Town in his Land-Rover; sells collectible books on line; and is the bibliographer of the Nobel Prize-winning author, Gabriel García Márquez.

This site will enable you to find links, lists, and loads of valuable information about my avocations, interests, and travels—over 150 countries on seven continents—and the scholarly books I have collected about those countries. The image you see at the top of this page is San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice (an Island and sanctuary), designed by A. Palladio (1566).

My lectures are given exclusively on board small cruise ships. My cruise schedule varies from year to year. Some years I’m at sea a total of 4 months; some years (2017 for instance) a total of 10 months. I can always be reached by email at this web address. Ships use a narrow bandwidth satellite system that may result in the internet being slow, intermittent, or temporarily out of service. However, I will endeavor to reply no matter the circumstance.

At the moment, the Gabriel García Márquez bibliography/data base (located under collections) is being remodled. This is to reflect archiving many dozens of new García Márquez items that have arrived and require time to process.

Should you have a comment or question regarding the web site please send an email to this address: info@drdonklein.com and I will reply as quickly as possible.

I am also known by the following nicknames: Dr. Samba; Dr. Don; Don Don Dr. D. and the Brazilian single-word moniker, Donzinho (phonetically: don-seen-you).  I answer to any or all.  Thanks for visiting!