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I’ve been a collector of books since 1974 when I moved to San Francisco from Connecticut. There I discovered the many superb Bay Area used book stores. This move was after I had returned from 3 years of travel during which I visited about 100 countries. I was consumed with a passion to learn more about the places I had been—as well as others I had in mind to visit.

I was interested in both non-fiction and fiction work. The former having to do with specific countries or regions such as pre-European Andes civilizations, and the latter with specific Latin American authors whose work I found profoundly stimulating—such as Gabriel García Márquez.

As I accumulated more books over a 30-year period (up to 10,000 at one point), I found my interest shift from collecting to selling many of the books I had collected. Some years ago I discovered the online website and signed on as a seller. All my books reside with me but the entire world has access to them through the massive ABEbooks data base.

To view my books for sale click on the name of my “store” below: GABO’S BIB / BRAZIL BOOKS.

By clicking there you can also read a paragraph about my “store” and enter the criteria for a search of my inventory.  Any book(s) you purchase through this website will receive a 20% discount. You must indicate this before your purchase in the Ask Bookseller a Question tab or at

A purchase through is made using your credit card directly with You pay them. They notify me which book you ordered. I ship the book to you. A purchase is not made directly through me unless you wish to use PayPal. Again you must Ask Bookseller a Question before making a PayPal purchase, such as: “Hi Don, I’d like to buy your book #6482 using PayPal and receive a 20% discount.” I will receive your email request and reply within one or two days.

PLEASE NOTE that when I am out of the country I put my “store” ON VACATION. That means no listing appears for me on the web site and you cannot access my inventory. Going to my SCHEDULE 2016 will tell you about when I return. You can always send an email if you a question:       GABO’S BIB / BRAZIL BOOKS