Africa: Cape Verde Islands of the Mid-Atlantic
Africa: Journey of a Lifetime: London to Cape Town by Land Rover
Africa: Namibia: Walvis Bay, Swakopmund, and the Skeleton Coast
Amazon: Antecedents: A History of Indigenous Americans
Amazon: Don’s Journey to Explore the Upper Rio Negro (a “Starvation” River)
Amazon: Early Explorers & Conquistadores, Orellana, Aguierre, Condamine
Amazon: 20th century Exploitation & Exploration: Roosevelt, Ford, & Ludwig
Amazon: Piranhas to Primates: a Rain Forest Primer
Amazon: Rain Forest; River; and Residents (A Day in the Life of José Silva)
Amazon: Rubber: Boom to Bust: A Twisted Tale of Greed
Amazon: Upper River Cruise: a Photo Portrait from Iquitos to Manaus
Antarctica: Conception, Character and Climate
Antarctica: Discoveries part I: History
Antarctica: Discoveries part II: History
Antarctica: Discoveries part III: History
Antarctica: Shackleton’s Endurance: the Ultimate Challenge!
Argentina: Buenos Aires and Beyond: Tango, Tea and Iguassu Falls
Argentina: Gauchos to Tango: History and Culture
Argentina: Overview: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kidd to Evita Perón
Argentina: Patagonia Wild: Nature and Natives Near the End of the Earth
Argentina and Uruguay: Pampas Partners: Guacho to Tango
Around the Horn: Wind, Waves, Intrepid Voyagers + Ushuaia or Pta. Arenas
Bermuda: The Island and the Triangle: Magic and Mystery in the Atlantic
Bolivia: Culture in Contrast in a Landlocked Nation
Brazil: A Coastal Culture: 5000 Miles of Boats, Beaches and Bikinis
Brazil: Archipelago Fernando de Noronha: Overview of the Main Island
Brazil: Carnaval in Rio: The Greatest Outdoor Party on Earth
Brazil: From Discovery to Colony to Independence
Brazil: From Discovery into the 21st century
Brazil: the Northeast Region: Soul of a Nation
Brazil: Rio de Janeiro and Beyond: An Introduction to Culture and Diversity
California: History, Economics and a Cultural Composite
California: San Francisco: The City by the Bay: History and Culture
Caribbean Creole: Art, Architecture and Music of the Caribbean
Caribbean Islands: Barbados, Dominica and Virgin Gorda
Caribbean Islands: St. Croix, St. Barts, St. Lucia and Tobago
Caribbean Islands: Tortola, Antigua, St. Lucia, Dominica and St. Barts
Chile and Bolivia: Culture and Conflict in Contrast
Chile: Culture and History of a Long, Narrow, Nation
Chile South, part I: Puerto Montt, Lakes District and the Mapuche Nation
Chile South, part II: Volcanoes, Fjords and Glaciers: Formation and Facts
Coastal Cruise: Photo Portrait: Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro
Colombia: History and Culture plus a Cartagena Overview
Devil’s Islands: Purgatory in Paradise: A Penal Colony and Its Prisoners
Ecuador: Pre-history to Present and an Overview of the Port of Manta
Falkland Islands (Las Malvinas): Peace and War on a Tranquil Isle
Four Voyages of Columbus: for God, Gold, Glory and Greed
Fridtjof Nansen: Norway’s Ice King, part I: The Early Years and Greenland
Fridtjof Nansen: Norway’s Ice King, part II: The Fram to the North Pole
Gibraltar: A Most Strategic Strait and the Pillars of Hercules
Great Exchange: Old World Meets New After 1492
Holland in America: the Dutch Master the New World
Humboldt, Alexander von: Scientific Discoverer of the New World
Islands and Ancients: Kusadasi, Rhodes, Santorini and Lesvos
Istanbul: Exploring a City Between Two Continents with Many Cultures
Italy: Sardinia Island: Historic Crossroads; Upscale Playground
Italy: Sicily: Ancient to Modern and the Rise of the Mafia
Italy: Venice: Most Serene Republic: Rise and Fall; Beauty and Battles
Liberator in His Labyrinth: Bolivar and His Zeal for Independence
Madeira: Pearl of the Atlantic: Island of Wine and Wonder
Malta: Maritime History and Culture of a Unique and Fortified Island
Maya: A Captivating Meso-American Culture Develops and Goes Extinct
Mediterranean and Maghreb, part I: An Inland Sea and North Africa
Mediterranean and Maghreb, part II: An Inland Sea and North Africa
Mexico in Contrast: History and Culture; Facts, Figures and Fortunes
Orinoco River Delta: Exploration of the Garden of Eden
Pacific Piracy: West Coast Pillage and Plunder + the Exploits of Cochrane
Panama Canal: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow’s Expansion
Peru: the Andes, the Incas and the Real Indiana Jones
Portugal: The Azores featuring Faial and São Miguel
Portugal: History and Culture of a Seafaring People
Portugal in the Age of Discovery: Sea Road to the East Indies
Search for El Dorado: Exploring the Route of the Conquistadores
Spain: Andalucia and Extremadura: A Journey Through Time and Place
Spain: Barcelona the Bountiful: History and Culture
Spain: The Canary Islands Featuring Tenerife with a Lanzarote Overview
Sugar in the Caribbean: Not All Sweetness and Spice
Trade, Commerce and Globalization: How Our Planet is Shrinking
Treasure Fleets and Pirate Feats: Pillage and Plunder in the Caribbean
U.S.A.: Miami: the City, the Beach and a Key West Overview
U.S.A.: New York City: History, Culture, Facts, Figures, Photos and Food
U.S.A.: Savannah and Charleston: History, Culture and Characters
Uruguay and Argentina: Pampas Partners: Guacho to Tango
Viking Era, part I: Lindisfarne to Hastings (793-1066)
Viking Era, part II: Iceland, Greenland, Vinland (990-1100)
Vikings both parts I & II: Lindisfarne to Vinland; the Entire Era (793-1100)
Whales out of New England: Expeditions, Economics and Extremes