Since lecturing aboard cruise ships for nearly 20 years I have frequently been asked if it was possible to have a copy of one or more of my lecture presentations. Finally, it is possible, using this web site. Please read this explanation:

If you have been to my lectures aboard ship you know that each and every one has a major visual component with photographs, diagrams, text, graphic animation and maps (most maps I draw myself to exclude extraneous material). Nearly all of the vocal or voice part of my lectures that you hear I am simply reading the text from my laptop. It is the same text that is projected on the big screen and may guests read along with me. This is important to know because the lectures I am offering do NOT have my voice on them. They are exactly what I present to my audiences from my laptop—they are minus my voice. If you are only interested in acquiring my lectures with my voice, then there is no need to read any further. Perhaps in the future I will be able to include my voice. Over 90% of my audience, who have already purchased my lectures, have said they do not need my voice as the content is very strong.

I burn these lectures on a DVD myself, at home, when I am not on board a ship and when time permits. You can play them back on a Mac or PC but you must have the PowerPoint application on your computer. PowerPoint is a Microsoft product and is normally sold together with software called Microsoft Office. Office comes bundled with the software Word, Excel, Entourage and PowerPoint. You must have a disc drive either in your computer or connected to it to enable you to play back the lectures. They will not play back on a home entertainment CD or DVD player. Each lecture has 50 to 150 (or more) slides. I may be able to send one or two lectures using Google+ or another upload service but for multiple lectures a DVD (which can usually hold up to 8 or 10) is usually the easiest.

Just as I do when I am giving the lecture live, you click your mouse or track pad to move along through the slides in each presentation; images, sounds, animation and text (I do not use bullets—ever—instead text appears and disappears in click sequence) are programmed to move along as slow or fast as you wish. I gauge my talks for 45 minutes but you can take as long as you wish. In the average presentation there are 60-75 visible slides. There may be another 10 to 100 slides that are “hidden” which for brevity do not appear in my normal 45 min. lecture. However, you can still view these slides and decide yourself whether you want to deselect hidden and add them to make a longer presentation—or just keep them hidden.

If you decide to purchase a lecture(s), the first thing you must do upon receipt is to make a copy. These presentations are user friendly in that you can change the order or chronology of the presentation based on your own choice. Perhaps the itinerary or cruise you were on had a reverse itinerary or for another reason. However, if you are not versant in PowerPoint you could delete or lose part or even all of the presentation—the reason for making that initial copy.

Remember, each of these titles are available without my voice—you will have exactly what was projected on the big lounge (or small stateroom) screen—plus any additional images which were not shown (hidden).

For each presentation I ask U$25. Payable by personal check, money order, or preferably PayPal. My PayPal address is Dr.Samba1@gmail.com If you purchase more than 10 at one time they are U$20 each. More than 25 are U$15 each. Please note that I spend a good deal of my time at sea and you may have to wait for me to return to the U.S. to burn your DVD. You can scroll over to my shipboard lecture schedule to see where I am. If I am at home it usually takes 2-3 days to process and ship your order. I ship using USPS Media Mail unless otherwise stipulated and paid for. Any international shipments travel by a different rate and I will need to know the country before I can assess the cost and delivery time.

Checks should be made out to Don Klein or Dr. Don Klein. The address is 3800 Hillcrest Dr. #101, Hollywood, FL 33021 U.S.A.

Using the lecture list you can check the box for those you wish to order. Click on the lecture itself and go to the title image for that lecture with a synopsis of the content superimposed.

Some of these presentations appear to have similar titles but the content will be different. That said, some of these presentations do have content that overlaps with other lectures of a similar subject. Should you have questions please ask and I will reply as soon as possible via email. The address is: info@drdonklein.com

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Dr. Don Klein