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Books useful for most Amazon cruise itineraries are in bold type below.

Best book overall on the Amazon: Floods of Fortune by M. Goulding, N. Smith, & D. Mahar.

Despite an older (original) publication date, many of the books listed here have been reprinted.

Author Title Publisher
Agassiz, Louis A Journey in Brazil [the Thayer Expedit.] Boston: Ticknor, 1868
Bates, Henry Water Naturalist on the River Amazons. London: Murray, 1863
Beddall, Barbara Wallace and Bates in the Tropics London: MacMillan, 1969
Brown & Lidstone 15,000 miles on the Amazon. . . London: Stanford, 1878
Burnett, D. Graham. Masters of All They Surveyed Univ. Chicago, 2000
Cousteau, Jacques Jacques Cousteau’s Amazon Journey N.Y.: Abrams, 1984
Edwards, William Voyage Up the River Amazon London: Murray, 1847
Forsyth, Adrian; K. Myata Tropical Nature N.Y. Scribner’s 1989
Goulding, Smith, & Mahar Floods of Fortune N.Y. Columbia, 1996
Grandin, Gregg Fordlandia: Forgotten Amazon City Henry Holt, 2009
Kricher, John C. A Neotropical Companion Princeton Press, 1989.
Mee, Margaret In Search of Flowers of the Amazon Nonesuch, 1988
Millard, Candice River of Doubt (about Teddy Roosevelt) N.Y. Broadway, 2005
Page, Joseph The Brazilians Boston: Addison, 1995
Parry, J.H. The Age of Reconnaissance U.C. Berkeley, 1981
Pearson, David Brazil: Amazon & Pantanal Interlink, 2005
Roosevelt, Anna Amazonian Indians (scholarly archeology) Univ. Ariz. 1994
Roosevelt, Theodore Through the Brazilian Wilderness NY: Scribner, 1914
Shields, Jerry Invisible Billionaire [D.K.Ludwig] NY: Houghton, 1986
Smith, Anthony Explorers of the Amazon Chic: Univ. Chic., 1990
Smith, Nigel Amazon River Forest N.Y.: Oxford, 1999
Tomlinson, H.M. The Sea and the Jungle (travel) N.Y.: Harper, 1930
Wallace, Alfred Russel Narrative of Travels on the Amazon London: Reeve, 1853