Latin America (shorter list)

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Author Title (and short note)
Adams, Jerome R. Latin American Heroes: Liberators and Patriots (short biographies)
Apestegui, Cruiz Pirates of the Caribbean (buccaneers, privateers, 1493-1720, illustrated)
Bernand, Carmen The Incas: Empire of Blood and Gold (anthropology)
Bingham III, Hiram Machu Picchu: Lost City of the Incas (exploration, history)
Bourne, Richard Political Leaders of Latin America (history, biographies)
Boxer, C. R. The Golden Age of Brazil 1695-1750 (scholarly)
Boxer, C. R. The Dutch in Brazil: 1624-1654 (scholarly
Briggs, Peter Rivers in the Sea (winds, currents, seamanship, explorers in their element)
Burnett, D. Graham Masters of All They Surveyed (the British explore So. America in the 1850s)
Cespedes, Guillermo Latin America: The Early Years (early-modern history, scholarly)
Chapman, Walker The Search for El Dorado (explorers and conquistadors pillage and plunder)
Cipolla, Carlo Guns, Sails and Empires (technological innovation of European sailing)
Cordingly, David Pirates: Terror on the High Seas (scholarly, illustrated)
Crone & Kendall The Voyages of Discovery (history and biography)
Crosby, Alfred Ecological Imperialism: Biological Expansion of Europe (scholarly)
Diamond, Jared Guns, Germs, and Steel (best-selling; socio-anthropology)
Dunn, Richard Sugar and Slaves: Rise of the Planter Class in West Indies (sociology)
Forsyth, A.; K.Miyata Tropical Nature: Life & Death in the Rain Forest (natural history; a favorite)
Fuentes, Carlos Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain in the New World (history, sociology)
García Márquez, G. One Hundred Years of Solitude (fiction, Nobel-prize for literature 1982)
García Márquez, G. Love in the Time of Cholera (fiction, the style of magical-realism)
Hagen, Victor W. South America Called Them: La Condamine, Humboldt, and etc. (biographical)
Hanson, Earl Parker South from the Spanish Main (discoverers of South America, narratives)
Harter, E.C. Lost Colony of the Confederacy (post-Civil War; U.S. southerners move to Brazil)
Kricher, John C. A Neotropical Companion: Animals, Plants, Eco-systems (nature; a favorite)
Lacey, Robert Sir Walter Ralegh (correct title spelling) (scholarly, biography of the famous Raleigh)
Lane, Kris Blood and Silver: Piracy in the Caribbean (scholarly)
Lindsay, Philip The Great Buccaneer: Life and Death of Sir Henry Morgan (biography)
Lloyd, Christopher Lord Cochrane: Seaman, Radical, Liberator (“The Sea Wolf” in So. America)
Lucie-Smith, Edward Latin American Art of the 20th Century (survey of painting and sculpture)
Mann, Charles 1491: New Revelations in the Americas Before Columbus (population demographics)
Matthiessen, Peter At Play in the Fields of the Lord (fiction; missionaries vs. Indians)
McCullough, David The Path Between the Seas: Building of the Panama Canal (authoritative; scholarly)
Millard, Candice River of Doubt: Teddy Roosevelt in the Brazilian Jungle (biographical; a favorite)
Morison, Sam Eliot The European Discovery of America: Southern Voyages (scholarly, a favorite)
Morison, Sam Eliot The Great Explorers: European Discovery of America (scholarly, a favorite)
Parry, J. H. Establishment of the European Hegemony: 1415-1715 (scholarly)
Parry, J. H. The Age of Reconnaissance: Discovery, Exploration, Settlement (scholarly)
Parry, J. H.; Sherlock A Short History of the West Indies (scholarly)
Rogozinski, Jan A Brief History of the Caribbean (economics, exploration, piracy)
Roosevelt, Theodore Through the Brazilian Wilderness (autobiographical Amazon adventure)
Sale, Kirkpatrick The Conquest of Paradise: Columbus and the Colombian Legend (history)
Sauer, Carl Ortwin The Early Spanish Main (scholarly, a history of Northern So. America)
Silverberg, Robert The Longest Voyage: Circumnavigators in the Age of Discovery (scholarly)
Swan, Michael The Marches of El Dorado: British Guiana, Brazil, Venezuela (exploration)
Thomson, George M. Sir Francis Drake (biography)
Thrower, Norm (ed.) Sir Francis Drake (his circumnavigation by various contributors)
Walton, Timothy Spanish Treasure Fleets (scholarly look at Spain’s bullion shipped to Spain)
Wilson, Derek The World Encompassed: Drake and his Great Voyage (history, biography)
Wright, Louis B. Gold, Glory, and Gospel (conquistadores pillage and plunder South America)
Zweig, Stefan Amerigo: A Comedy of Errors in History (the voyages of Vespucci analyzed)