South America

Most guide books are OK—each offers insights—peruse them before buying.

For out-of-print, used, and new books, my favorite website:

Author Title (and short note)
Adams, Jerome R. Latin American Heroes: Liberators and Patriots (biography)
Amado, Jorge. Gabriela, Clove and Cinnemen (fiction from Bahia and Northeast Brazil)
Amado, Jorge. Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands (fiction and folk flavor from NE Brazil)
Barnes, John. Evita: First Lady (a biography profusely illustrated)
Bernand, Carmen The Incas: Empire of Blood and Gold (anthropology)
Bingham III, Hiram Machu Picchu: A Citadel of the Incas (exploration and history)
Boxer, C. R. The Golden Age of Brazil 1695-1750 (scholarly)
Boxer, C. R. The Dutch in Brazil: 1624-1654 (scholarly)
Burkholder & Johnson Colonial Latin America (history)
Cespedes, Guillermo Latin America: The Early Years (early-modern history)
Cordingly, David Pirates: Terror on the High Seas (scholarly)
Crone & Kendall The Voyages of Discovery (history and biography)
Crosby, Alfred Ecological Imperialism: Biological Expansion of Europe
Diamond, Jared Guns, Germs, and Steel (best-selling socio-anthropology)
Eakin, Marshall Brazil: The Once and Future Country (history)
Fuentes, Carlos Buried Mirror: Reflections on Spain in the New World (history)
García Márquez, Gabriel One Hundred Years of Solitude (Nobel-prize for literature 1982)
García Márquez, Gabriel Love in the Time of Cholera (fiction in style of magical-realism)
García Márquez, Gabriel News of a Kidnapping (the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar)
García Márquez, Gabriel Autumn of the Patriarch (a composite of tyrannical dictators)
Grafton, Anthony New Worlds, Ancient Texts: The Power of Tradition
Harter, E.C. Lost Colony of the Confederacy (post-Civil War; the U.S. South moves to Brazil)
Hudson, William. The Purple Land [Banda Oriental] (early years of Uruguay history)
Joffé, Roland [the motion picture] The Mission (starring Robert de Niro and Jeremy Irons)
Mann, Charles 1491: New Revelations in the Americas Before Columbus (history)
Millard, Candice River of Doubt: Teddy Roosevelt in the Brazilian Jungle (Roosevelt expedition)
Morison, Samuel Eliot The European Discovery of America: Southern Voyages (scholarly)
Morison, Samuel Eliot The Great Explorers: European Discovery of America (scholarly)
Page, Joe The Brazilians (excellent overall study of Brazil in the mid-1990s)
Parry, J. H. Establishment of the European Hegemony: 1415-1715 (scholarly)
Parry, J. H. The Age of Reconnaissance: Discovery, Exploration, Settlement (scholarly)
Pope, Dudley. Battle of the River Plate (scuttling of the battleship Graf Spee; WWII history)
Roosevelt, Theodore Through the Brazilian Wilderness (his own account of the trip)
Vellinho, Moyses Brazil South: Its Conquest and Settlement (history)
Viola & Margolis Seeds of Change (socio-anthropology, horticulture, plant history)
Wright, Louis B. Gold, Glory, and Gospel (conquistadores pillage and plunder South America)