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From the time I bought my first camera (a Nikon; in 1969) I became intrigued with taking pictures. My tour in Viet Nam allowed for the purchase of many special lenses at low cost but also afforded the opportunity to visit and photograph the rich culture in many neighboring Asian countries. From that point on, photography became and important aspect of my life—especially when traveling—and it is still.

I began selling my photographs (slides) and writing for travel and airline magazines in the early 1980s. My chief client back then was the Mexican monthly GeoMundo, patterned on National Geographic. I also took assignments from airlines such as American and Varig and joined a photo agency that leased their clients’ (my) images.

I continue to take photographs when I am traveling. Those that I deem worthy are uploaded to with whom I’ve been associated for decades.

You can view some of my favorite photographs by clicking on the slide show titled Welcome to My World. In the meantime, if you are interested in seeing some of my work for lease (what the agency has chosen based on commercial value), you may go to and in the large white field in the center of the home page type in: supplier:3138 (all one word; plain text). No spaces. My images will come up and you can drag your cursor over each image to enlarge it for better viewing.

To get more information on the SuperStock page about each image, go to the navigation bar and under “display options” choose “classic.” There you will find more data. If you are inclined to lease an image click on the appropriate icon(s) beneath. For more information I would contact the agency directly.

Click the link: to go to the SuperStock agency homepage . Then type in: supplier:3138 as one word, no spaces, plain text. You can now peruse 1500 of my images.